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About Us

Mike is a UK registered Chiropractor and Lucy is a qualified Advanced Practice Physiotherapist.

Mike and Lucy Cassidy, creators of the Perfect Posture Kit


When Mike's chiropractic patients started asking him about these 'posture correctors' they'd seen advertised online, he decided to try them for himself.

So he bought every model on the market, and tested them out on friends, family and patients.

He discovered that some were good, and some weren't. But he also realised that none would give people the long-term posture improvement they wanted unless they combined it with two simple but specific exercises.

So they put their combined expertise and experience together, to create the 'perfect' system that didn't need hours of exercise, expensive treatment or equipment.

The challenge was that it had to be complete enough to get real, lasting changes, whilst at the same time being simple and easy to use.

...And after much trial and error, the Perfect Posture Kit was born!


He started giving these kits to his patients who wanted better posture, and the feedback was excellent.

Because they worked so well, he decided to start selling them online to help more people enjoy the benefits of better posture, in the simplest, most affordable way possible.

If you want better posture with real, lasting results, then we know the Perfect Posture Kit will change your life :)