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Perfect Posture Kit recommended by Independent review


Easy to use, dynamic and most of all effective! The perfect posture kit is designed by people in the know to enhance posture and the results speak for themselves. Excellent work Mike and the team.

Rohan Herbert

As a practitioner I have one of these kits in my clinic for clients to try before they buy. Having used it myself it is comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off. Also, what I really like are the 'added extras' of the massage ball and resistance band, and this is whay I recommend this product over others. Great value too.

David Phillips

This really is the perfect posture kit! Everything you need and the videos that explain how to get the most benefitare spot on. We use it uorselves and recommend to our practice members at Vibrant Life Centre.

Rachael Dunn

Targets THREE Key Elements To UNLOCK Your Posture:

1. Posture Corrector

For instant posture relief, it also helps reset your natural posture through muscle memory.

2. Resistance Band

Quickly engage and wake up your posture muscles, so your shoulders fall back naturally.

3. Peanut Ball

Release tension and stiffness in your mid-back, caused by desk work and years of slouching.

If You Slouch At Your Desk All Day…

Professional Posture Enhancement System

Perfect Posture Kit quick start guide

Quick Start Guide PLUS Free Video Support


Full Video Instructions

Lightweight Travel Kit


Not All Posture Correctors Are Made Equal

We researched every posture corrector on the market when designing this kit, and chose this model as it is by far the best, and made from the best quality materials.

Very importantly ours does not push your neck forward (unlike some models which are not designed by health professionals).

And the straps tighten from underneath, rolling your shoulders BACK into a better position, and NOT pulling them down and forward.

Superior Quality Materials

- Softer, breathable, comfortable lightweight neoprene.

- Easily adjustable with longer Velcro straps.

- Hand washable and invisible under clothes.

Google Reviews

I had tried a few different posture devices in the past, none of which I found particularly great. I stumbled across the "Perfect Posture Kit" and decided to give it a go.

It's by far the best that I have used.

The team behind the company are also extremely helpful and friendly.

The customer service was exceptional and they did everything possible to ensure I had the right size and was using the device correctly. Couldn't recommend enough.

Scott Bonetti (Google review)

As a tall man I’m constantly leaning over and first impressions using the kit have been great.

Really comfortable and easy to put on, the posture corrector has me standing up straight in no time. After a while of wear, you can really feel that the back muscles have been firing.

The band is great first thing in the morning and gets you stretching where you otherwise wouldn’t. The ball is great for rolling the back without putting pressure directly on the spine and gives some great relief for a tense back.

Oh, and it all comes in a nicely made drawstring back for keeping everything neat and together.

As someone who has suffered in silence with terrible posture and a generally bad back, I’m really pleased and I’m looking forward to using the kit more.

Grant Ross (Google review)

The perfect posture kit does everything you need it to do.

It is comfortable and helps my posture straight away.

It has got rid of my permanent headache through bad posture.

So much so in a week that my chiropractor had noticed the difference in my posture.

I think it is a great piece of kit, and recommend it highly.

Pauline Ahern (Google review)


We all want a quick fix, but in a perfect world we also want long-term results. Well, now it’s possible to have both.

The Perfect Posture Kit™ is a complete 3-in-1 system designed to give you both quick and long-lasting posture improvement.

The high-quality posture corrector is combined with two other secret weapons to help you to stop slouching, and ease tension in the neck and shoulders.

Better posture can mean more confidence, fewer aches & pains, and even deeper breathing.

We're so confident that it works, we're offering a full money back guarantee. Plus FREE video consultations to help you get the best possible results.

Are you ready to reclaim your natural, healthy posture?

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