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Combined with your clinical expertise, the posture kits can add a lot of value for the right patients.

Because improving their posture at work or home, can help your patients get the most from the care they receive from you.

We put this kit together to create an all-round, safe and accessible posture system that doesn't rely too much on either exercise compliance or passive care.

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FAQ: "Are posture correctors a good idea?"

When I first heard about posture correctors, I wasn't sure.

Starting my career in a CBP practice (Chiropractic BioPhysics), and a lifelong fan of exercise science, I understood that posture is a 'dynamic equilibrium' with many different factors.

But a lot of my patients were asking about them, so I decided to try them for myself - and tested several models.

I discovered three things:

  1. Although there's no solution that suits everyone, they can actually work very well for the right people. Especially as computers and sedentary jobs are the norm these days, and most people aren't going to change their job for better posture.
  2. Some models on the market are badly designed, either pushing the lower cervical vertebrae forward, or tightening the straps from the top - therefore pulling the shoulders forward and down - which defeats the purpose (but most commercial posture correctors are not designed by clinicians). We obviously chose the best model to be included in the kit.
  3. Most people also need some degree of rehab - usually focused on rhomboid engagement and/or throacic extension - in order to get long-term results. The kit does not of course change the cervical lordosis, because for safety reasons that is best addressed under clinical supervision.

We all know how reliable exercise compliance is...

So whilst in a perfect world all of our patients would follow their rehab program religiously, in my experience a system that relies totally on this just doesn't work for the majority. Likewise, reliance on passive care is also something not to be encouraged. But patients will actually wear the posture corrector, so they get to feel the benefits of better posture straight away.

The kit aims to be the best of both worlds:

Combining passive and active elements, it encourages a proactive approach without relying on it.

Rationale behind the Perfect Posture Kit

- The posture corrector is not simply a brace that holds the shoulders back, it's a neurological 'prompter' that helps to reset the body's natural position (it should feel more like wearing a well-fitting suit, and not be on too tight).

- Combined with the resistance band 'pull-apart' exercise, which performed daily for up to one minute each morning helps to engage the under-used rhomboid muscles.

- And the double massage ball, which is an effective way of improving thoracic mobility in a safe and user-friendly way, with varying levels of intensity (standing, with arms extended, and then on the floor). It's a good, simple posture-rehab tool, with NO extreme cervical extension.

- The instructional videos show how to use the posture corrector properly and for best results, and how to perform each exercise correctly, including common mistakes and how to progress.

If you have any questions about the kit, or would like to discuss how it can complement your clinical care, we'd love to hear from you.

Please send us a message either using the contact form or by email:

Mike Cassidy-Hogg DC

Registered Chiropractor (GCC: 02311)

Lucy Cassidy
Advanced Practice Physiotherapist

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