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Real, lasting posture improvement (...with minimal effort)

Introducing the PERFECT POSTURE KIT!

If you want better posture, with long-term results, but for minimal time and effort... then we made this kit for you!

We're a physio & chiropractor team, and we've put our clinical expertise into designing this kit to give you everything you need for genuine, lasting posture improvement.

What People Say

"This really is the perfect posture kit! Everything you need and the videos that explain how to get the most benefit are spot on.

We use it ourselves and recommend to our practice members at Vibrant Life Centre"

Dr. Rachael Dunn


"I am a busy mother of four and have suffered from a bad back and stiff spine for years.

Having used the posture kit for about a month now and following the EXCELLENT videos I would highly recommended this product.My back difficulties have really improved and I have improved flexibility in my upper back and shoulder blades. Thanks!"

Mrs Katie McKay

Teacher & Mother

"As a practitioner I have one of these kits in my clinic for clients to try before they buy. Having used it myself it is comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off.

Also, what I really like are the 'added extras' of the massage ball and resistance band, and this is why I recommend this product over others. Great value too."

Dr. David Phillips


The simple 3-in-1 system that actually CHANGES your posture:


RESET your natural posture

The posture corrector not only provides instant posture improvement, it helps reset your natural posture by reminding your body of a better position.


Retrain your muscles

The resistance band is a quick and simple way to engage and strengthen the posture muscles that are underused in everyday life.


RELEASE your stiff back

Like two massage balls stuck together, this helps to knead out stiffness and tight muscles in the mid back, improving 'thoracic mobility'.

Ideal for desk work

desk posture corrector

When most people hear the word posture, they sit bolt upright!

But there's more to good posture than just remembering to sit or stand up straight.

Because often it's either uncomfortable, or 30 seconds later you just forget about it, and go back to your old position.

So for real, lasting posture change you need a combined approach:

  • The posture corrector is great for reminding your body of a better position whilst it gets used to it.
  • But you also need the resistance band to wake up those posture muscles.
  • And the peanut ball to stretch out and release your back, if it's stiff from deskwork or driving.

What's in the Kit?

Everything you need posture kit
  • Chiro & Physio-approved posture corrector (ours does NOT push your neck forward).
  • Resistance-band to retrain your posture muscles and bring your shoulders back.
  • Posture-ball to release your back stiffness, so it feels natural to sit and stand up straighter.
  • Plus FREE videos: 'Professional Tips & Tricks for Rapid Posture Improvement'.

*btw, tablet or phone not included :)

High quality posture corrector

We researched several types of posture corrector, and chose this model as it is by far the most comfortable - and very importantly - does not push your neck forward (unlike some other models on the market). The straps also tighten from underneath, which encourages your shoulders to roll back into a better position, instead of pulling the shoulder forward.

It is made from soft and breathable neoprene, with webbing straps and velcro attachments.

posture corrector details posture kit

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