Perfect for office or home workers

Improve Employee Health With This Simple Proactive Solution

Better posture means:

  • Fewer aches & pains
  • Better productivity
  • Less time off


Poor Posture Puts More Stress On The Body

Since lockdown more people are working from home, often with less than ideal ergonomics.

That has led to an increase in work-related musculoskeletal problems, such as:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Upper limb disorders (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Fatigue and tension
  • And stress related illness

This leads to lost productivity (finishing early or loss of performance), more time off, and increasing health care costs.


Give Employees A Simple, Proactive Way To Improve Their Posture

The truth is, expensive chairs and raising the monitor can help maintain good posture, but will not correct it.

That needs a specific approach that targets the three key elements to restoring natural posture.

RESET your natural posture
Retrain your muscles
RELEASE your stiff back


Better posture quickly - with real, lasting results.

  • Physio & Chiropractor-Approved Posture Corrector (ours does NOT push your neck forward).
  • Resistance-Band to wake up the posture muscles that hold your shoulder back.
  • Peanut-Ball to release mid-back stiffness, so it feels more natural to sit and stand up straighter.
  • Quick Start Guide + FREE Videos to help you get maximum results in minimal time.
  • Free Video Consultation to help you get the best results.
  • ... all in a Smart Black Carry Bag.

We would be happy to discuss with you how the Perfect Posture Kit can help your company and employees. Different quantities and rates are available.